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Please do not call helpers after 9pm (To report cruelty contact RSPCA : 0300 1234 999)

 Please call your local helper if there is no reply, leave a message  please do not ring every number listed, we are all volunteers but will get back to you.


 24 Hour Rescue Information Line 

telephone0845 519 6390




National Coordinator

Mrs Elizabeth White



Southern Coordinator 

 telephoneLiz Diss 01634 321029



Manchester/ Cheshire


telephoneMichelle Howard - 01925 651124



North Wales /Merseyside

telephoneEira Critchlow - 01978 253976










telephoneSue Chan - 01789 269628




telephoneKeith Cheshier - 0121 4293544




telephoneGill Laroche -  01409 259419


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*If you would like to adopt a Bichon Frise please complete the online application form 

Please don't use this form if you are interested in adoption as we need  all your details.

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