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Homes wantted

Special home wanted for Male 3 years old Neutered


3 year old happy, friendly and very excitable boy who needs lots of love, attention  and patience. He loves long walks and meeting other dogs to run around with. At home his favourite place is on your lap or on the back of the sofa behind your head, and his favourite toy is a rope to play tug. He has been socialised with cats/kittens when he stays at his dog minder's. He dislikes being shut away from the family and birds coming into the garden!

If you are interested in adopting this little boy please complete our online application form 

Where is say helpers name please put " SP55"

Bichon Frise Experience essential

Normal criteria applies

Currently in Kent area


Special home wanted for a Pair

Girl & Boy aged 4 & 5 both spayed and neutered




Female loves cuddles and would sit for hours having her neck tickled.  She is a lively little thing who loves to play fetch, run round the field and go for swims in the river. she has a wonderful playful character and she has so much love to give.
Male on the other hand is very cool and relaxed. He does everything at his own pace (which is about half the speed of female) and loves to play roughhouse with his favourite toys. He is such a clever dog and will do lots of tricks in return for a treat. He is also incredibly loyal and will follow his new owner to the end of the earth.
Both dogs are incredibly well behaved, their recall is on point and they are fully house trained.  They would be a wonderful addition to any home but ideally they would both go to a busy household; a couple or family with older children who have lots of time and love to share.  
If you interested in adopting this pair of Bichons please complete our online application form
Where it says name of helper please place code "SP54"
Bichon Frise Experience essential 
Normal rescue criteria applies.
Currently in Berkshire area